Kassis Family Great Grand Father is Ziyadeh Salameh Musallam

Kassis Family is a Branch of Musallam Clan ( Hamouleh ) which also includes the families of Musallam, Naser, Arankie,Abid and Ziadah.

According to the diary of Daoud Shihadeh Kassis; the Kassis Family great grand father is Ziyadeh Salameh Musallam.

His first son Salameh, was born from his first wife from Abu Jaghab family from Ramallah. Salameh gave birth to Yacoub and Yacoub gave birth to Musa,Yousef and Ibrahim. Musa gave birth to Hanna,Ghattas and Issa. Yousef gave birth to Abdallah and Salameh. Ibrahim didn't have any children.

His second  wife was Nowwara Dyook from Al Taybeh and she gave birth to Mizyed, Mikbel and Zeedan.

Mizyed had two sons Ziyadeh and Suleiman. Ziyadeh was killed in the mill (Al Ta7ooneh) in Al Beereh during the days of Ibrahim pasha . His Brother Suleiman had two sons Mizyed and Ziydeh. Mikbel is the father of Abu Rizek Family in Al Taybeh